Iterative: FLOCKING with Jan Pernecky


  • Lecture – Emergent architecture
  • recap of Vectors
  • recap of Anemone
  • Random vector
  • behavioral components: Random Wander, Adhere, Repulse, Stick, Slide, Revolve, Align
  • vector composition
  • vector trim

basic flocking setup


The Iterative webinars are the specialty of the rese arch sessions. Since Mateusz Zwierzycki introduced his Anemone plugin it is easy and convenient to use loops in Grasshoper®, allowing for the vast world of recursion, fractals, cellular automata, growth simulations, L-systems, biomimetic simulations, multi-agent systems and interactive modeling.


The rese arch Grasshopper® sessions are unique for their thorough explanation of all the features, which creates a sound foundation for your further individual development or direct use in the practice. The webinars are divided into four groups: Essential, Advanced, Iterative and Architectural. If you are a Rhinoceros 3D or Grasshopper® newcomer, you are advised to take all the Essential sessions before proceeding to the next level. If none of the proposed topics suit your needs or if you require special treatment, you can request a custom-tailored 1on1 session. All sessions are held entirely in English.

The webinars are series of on-line live courses for people all over the world. The tutor broadcasts the screen of his computer along with his voice to the connected spectators who can ask questions and comment in real time. This makes webinars similar to live workshops and superior to tutorials.

Iterative: Flocking_01
Iterative: Flocking_02

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