with Adrian Krężlik | Parametric support

On an example of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, we will analyze and optimize:

  • possible position(s) of a new pedestrian connection bridging two sides of the river
  • enhance the local and global accessibility of the city network
  • compare Brute Force and optimization strategy

Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Elk, Silvereye, Galapagos, Shortest Walk, Opossum, Octopus, Colibri, Anemone. This tutorial is suited for intermediate users.


Accessibility is one of the key factors in the development of future cities, even though some mobility patterns will change, walking and bicycle transport would, most likely, stay unaffected. Enhancing sustainable transport is a crucial aspect of the policies that cities are implementing to response to the rapid climate change. The goal of the webinar is to learn how, by the use of parametric tools, urban city network could be optimized.

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