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with Adrian Krężlik | Parametric support

Throughout the webinar the following topics will be addressed:

  •  minimization of walk cost on a landscape
  •  multi-objective optimization for planning a complex of villas to – enhance the views, privacy and divide the land equally
  • minimize the earthworks for a new investment
  • distribution, accessibility and continuity of urban greenery system

Software used: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Elk, Silvereye, Galapagos, Shortest Walk, Opossum, Octopus. This tutorial is suited for intermediate users.


Planning in larger context could be informed by optimization processes. Larger scale brings more complex problems and interdependencies. The webinar highlights a distinction between single-goal urban-environment models and multi-objective goal sustainable solution. Optimization applied to an urban planning enables to establish minimum resource consumption benchmarks for cities as means of comparison and to evaluate the ambition and feasibility of new plans.

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